8+ Inspiring Diy Outdoor Tent Design for Your Kids

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Active children need lots of facilities to develop their imagination. Usually they will play the role of a particular character, with homes built in their own imagination or toy house. If you want to facilitate the Little with unique homes for toys, this mini Indian tent you can make yourself at home.

The trick is very easy. Measure the fabric according to the picture above. Fabrics used can be of various types: linen, rayon, cotton, or other types. Sew the fabric according to the pattern, then hole each side of the right and left like a buttonhole. Insert the rope in the hole between the sides, then tie the pole up to the meeting. Tents were ready to be established and used to play. For the pole, you can use the scout stick or PVC pipe. If you like, decorate the tent with tassels or pom-poms of lace.

A children’s play tent with a funny cast-court design. Can be assembled and unloaded easily. This play tent can be used inside and outside the house. When not in use, this tent can be folded into small so as not wasteful of storage.

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