7 Awesome Butterflies On The Walls

I am back, relaxed and refreshed after a fantastic holiday in the French Alps. We attempt to go there every summer, staying somewhere different every year. As you can imagine, the scene is amazing, and the entire family really loves spending as much time as possible outdoors, enjoying everything that nature has to offer you.

The alpine woods and areas were teeming with life; I felt just like a 8 year old explorer! With wild flowers in abundance near Le Mont Blanc there wasn’t any lack of butterflies to respect — consistently magnificent and beautiful in their simplicity.

Inspired by our colorful discoveries, I’d love to discuss some ideas for decorating together with butterflies. I hope that they bring a smile to your face and possibly encourage you to bring some of the beauties to your home.

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Butterflies On The Walls

The idea behind the project is to capture butterflies on canvas, hang them on walls, and place them in locations that are easily accessible for everyone to see. The goal of this project is to create a sense of wonderment in people about the world around them so they can feel more connected with nature and wildlife.

Butterfly On The Walls Design

Butterfly On The Walls is unique because it does not have any physical spaces – it’s all digital on their website. They were the first design company to launch an app on the App Store, which allows users to access their designs. They also offer various products like clothing, soaps, and more that can be found on their website.

Children Inspire Design

Children are the most important asset for any company. They have a natural ability to inspire design and create an emotional connection with others. This is why companies should take care of their children’s wellbeing and happiness by providing them with creative spaces that they can enjoy while they are in school or during their breaks.