56+ Wonderful Designs of Minimalist Two Storey House

4 of 58

4 of 58

We can never be bored to talk about minimalist houses. These days, people like to adopt a minimalist style that characterized with materials of wood and steel.

The following 12 houses could be additional inspirations for those who are planning to renovate houses with minimalist style.

1. The Minimalist House that Full of Lights

The wooden elements on the roof and additional yellow track lights that reflected to the ceiling emphasize the minimalist elements of this house.

2. The Box-Shaped House with Glass Accent

Built in a fairly large land, this house is like a minimalist house of the future with a box shape and glass doors on various sides around.

3. The Artistic Minimalist House

The artistic touch of this house is the roof-shaped silhouette that became part of the second floor of his house. It’s a unique touch of minimalism that is rarely used, perfect for those who want to try new things.


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