53+ Stunning The Wood Interior in This Split Level House in South Jakarta is Fantastic!

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If you live in a big city like Jakarta, it will be quite difficult to build a house that can be an oasis for you. The crowd of Jakarta is only tolerable if you have a beautiful and soothing dwelling in the heart of this city, completed with interiors that feel close to nature, minimalist, modern, and easy to be realized even in a limited space.

This split-level house in South Jakarta, called the Yasmin House, is the project of SAE Studio. Take a look at this house and get inspired!

1. The Semi-Open Lounge
This area that becomes the heart of Yasmin House has a semi-open impression for half of the ceiling is made of translucent glass, followed by a beautiful glass wall. This split-level lounge area includes a ground floor and upper level floor. Besides for hosting guests, this lounge could also be a private area for the family to relax.

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