50+ Stunning Modern Minimalist House That Full of Surprises

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3 of 52

Ever dreamed of owning a house in the middle of vast grass? This modern house, designed by the architect Barrio San Sebastian, is a proof that this dream can be realized.

With a modern and minimalist design, this house emphasizes the functionality and surprises in the interior. Let’s find out what the surprises are.

The Simple Facade

Does it look ordinary or even unattractive? Do not underestimate this simple design of the house because there will be many surprises in its interior. This white-dominated house has a wide and plain front yard, as wide and plain as the building architecture that is designed almost without window.

Terrace with Transparent Window

The wooden door looks standout in the landscape. There is a high transparent window to welcome guests on the front terrace. Three potted plants decorate this area beautifully, and the simple lighting makes it even sweeter.

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