5 Steps to Styling a Beautiful Bookshelf

Allow me to provide you a glance in the brand new bookcases in my studio and share with you my 5 best hints on how to style a beautiful bookshelf!

I adore to style bookcases, but do not often get the opportunity. When I made my new studio to have a wall of bookshelves, among those things I was looking ahead to was styling them to create character and curiosity in my own space and add practical storage to all my staging accessories, craft supplies and books

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Food storage

A food storage container that is made from polyethylene plastic is not going to last as long as one that is made from high-quality food grade plastic. Polyethylene is porous and will quickly pick up any oils and fats from foods and liquids. Over time, these substances will make the container look like it’s old. If you’re looking for a cheap way to store your food, then don’t opt for a plastic food storage container. They’ll give you a good price, but over time, they’re not going to last as long. It’s better to invest in a quality food storage container that will hold up to high temperatures for much longer.

Decorative ideas in 2022

If you want to be remembered and loved, let it be known through the way you live. People won’t remember your products, services, or people—they’ll remember how you make them feel. And in order to be remembered, you need to show how much you care, how generous and kind-hearted you are. And you’ll do that by the way you live your life. That’s when you’ll be remembered.