10 Inspiring Designs the Sustainable Hill Country House

Architects recently finished Hill Country House, a renewable dwelling located in Central Texas.

Miró Rivera The angular home was created as a prototype series house to get a rural sustainable neighborhood to reveal the chances of a self indulgent home in the country. The homeowners, who place a small budget, dubbed it”The Sanctuary” as it is intended to”bring people together and locate religious renewal in an accountable, sustainable setting”

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Sustainable Hill Country House

Sustainable design is important to the hill country house owners who are interested in preserving the rural culture of the area. There is a need for more sustainable homes that will not only protect the natural resources of the area but also allow the people living in the homes to have a healthy life without harming the environment. One of the ways to protect our environment is by using the energy efficient design in the houses.

Industrial House with Fun

Industrial House was an idea that came to him while walking through the park one day. While working in construction, he realized that it was difficult to have a fun time when working in a warehouse. Industrial House is a product that allows users to turn any area into a fully functioning warehouse. The first generation product included a variety of accessories, but is being phased out. It’s being replaced with the second generation product, which includes a modular design that can be added onto any surface. It’s an awesome concept, and he is proud to call it his baby.

Luxury villas in Finca Cortesín

If you are considering buying a luxury villa in Finca Cortesín, Spain, think about the following points before you go ahead with the purchase. You will need a lot of cash. The villas in this part of Europe usually cost between $2 million and $7 million, depending on location and size of the property. And there are no guarantees when it comes to this investment. In fact, most of the villas are owned by the developers, meaning you might not have any recourse if your villa goes up in flames or floods.

Wooden Floor Home Studio Ideas

I like to use a white, high gloss laminate flooring in my studio, because it’s easy to clean and can be scratched or damaged by water. You will have to spend a little more money up front to buy a good quality laminate floor, but you will save a lot of money in the long run.