44+ Wonderful Minimalist Japanese House You’ll Want to Copy

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Simple Play Room
This room is suitable for playing while looking at the refreshing garden, feeling the cool air and the warmth of the sun. Very simple but still catchy.

Open to the Sky
The middle area of this house is designed without roof. It allows better air circulation and sunlight, makes this house even more comfortable. This grey tiled area can be a great place to gather with your family or friends and have BBQ.

Cool Garage
This cool garage is used for storing motorbike, car, and your other stuffs. The ceiling is made of wood, very beautiful with a cool brown color that is pleasing to the eye. The grey floor, which is left as it is, adds to the natural impression of this room.

Natural Wood Wall
The back of the house is dominated by natural wood walls. Using a greyish-brown color, the wooden walls show off the texture of an actual tree. So pretty!

The House Facade
Thedominance of grey color is really seen on the façade of the house. There are only a stretch of stone floor and several trees as decoration. The front area might look ordinary, but after peeking into the house, you couldn’t wait to imitate this Japanese-style house, right?

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